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The shows

Episode 18 - The world is an interesting place.

Recorded 11/29/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick, Andy.

Topics: News, servers, travelling, and other things I can't remember from a month ago.

Episode 17 - The world is a scary place.

Recorded 11/29/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Politics, history, the economy, drones, and computers

Episode 16 - A little about gaming, computers, SBC, getting back to recording.

Recorded 8/16/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Gaming, computers, Nick's shitty internet.

Episode 15 - I don't want to talk about driving.

Recorded 7/26/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Podcasting, politics, driving, all my rage.

Episode 14 - Stealin' my passwords breh

Recorded 6/28/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Windows 10, television, friggin' minecraft, goddamn programming again.

Episode 13 - Bush blocked!

Recorded 5/24/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Role playing, gaming, programming.

Episode 12 - Ben makes bad jokes

Recorded 5/10/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Programming, Amazon Echo, IFTTT, and somehow segued to transportation.

Episode 11 - Brainspew

Recorded 4/26/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: We go on for 45 minutes about nothing important, pertinent, or otherwise valuable.

Episode 10 - The episode I forgot to upload

Recorded 4/12/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: I can't remember and I can't be bothered to listen to it again. Mystery episode!

Episode 9 - Followers of the Apocalypse

Recorded 3/15/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Zombie Apocalypse, zombies, vampires, and warewolves. Unrelated: All hail Whedon!

Episode 8 - The very definition of journalistic license

Recorded 2/8/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Journalism, Freedom, Information, and how social networks fuck it all up.

Episode 7 - Home is where you park your motorcycle

Recorded 1/25/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Tiny houses and alternative housing.

Episode 6 - Highway to the danger zone

Recorded 1/11/2015. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Self-driving cars and what that means to society.

Episode 5 - To segue or not to segue?

Recorded 12/28/2014. Guest(s): Ben, Nick.

Topics: Stuff.

Episode 4 - Jabberings of the Insane

Recorded 10/12/2014. Guest(s): Ben, Eric.

Topics: the Internet of Things, connected devices, the cloud, internet anonyminity, the scourge of trolling.

Episode 3 - Yes we can count

Recorded 7/28/2014. Guest(s): Ben, Eric.

Topics: Fallout, Gaming, Scifi and our misunderstanding of how race plays into some of that.

Episode 1 - The episodening

Recorded 6/6/2014. Guest(s): Ben, Jake.

Topic: Some amateurs talking about the economy.